Our story

Being called on time and time again by entrepreneurs and small start-up to offer advise or to help with a financial challenge, I realized that this category had a need that was not being serviced.  Sure there are tons of accounting firm, but these entities didn’t specialize in the unique needs that small entrepreneurs had. There was no one available to give personalize and customize service. This need created an itch within me that had to be scratched.  Thus FAJ was born.
FAJ  has only one goal. That goal is to organize and monitor all aspect of your finances to allow you to focus on the things you love. Your budget is made,  your bills are paid, your debts are monitored, your paper works are filed,  your receipts are recorded and filed, your taxes are paid and your personal taxes are made up to date.

If  FAJ could be defined by one sentence it would be,  “exist only to make your life easier.”

How does your life improve through our offerings?

  • Tired of forgetting to pay your bills?
  • Not sure how much taxes you owe or if they are paid?
  • Want to ensure that you have sufficient money to meet that expense when it arrives?
  • Not sure if your business is actually making a profit or loss?
  • Documents scattered all over the place in boxes, draws and car?
  • Need someone to schedule your meeting, events, respond to email?

FAJ takes care of all the above for you. We sweat the small stuff so you don’t?

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Ericson Smith – Programmer, Entrepreneur

“I find FAJ to be accurate, prompt and professional. They ensure my budget is set, my bills are paid, my retirement scheme is set up, and my financial obligations are met. Since I have engaged their services I can give my full attention to my projects.”


Dr. Nsombi Jaja, PMP, CMC.

Shawna-Kay is one of the finest professionals I have worked with. She has been doing my accounts for the past two years and her attention to details, her manner, her attitude and deportment have set her apart from many in her field. Her knowledge is solid and I am so confident in her handling of my accounts. She is honest, trustworthy and very pleasant. Her customer service skills are remarkable. She has brought structure, order and a simple manageable system where others have not delivered.

Shawna-Kay is the consummate professional and I am so happy she is my accounting service provider.