Personal Financial Assistant Services

Who is a personal financial assistant?

A personal financial assistant is someone who ensures that: you do not spend more than you earn, your bills are paid, your liabilities are reduced, you save on a consistent basis, you meet your financial goals. Your personal assistant organizes your finances so you can track what you spend and help you to arrive at the point where investing and saving becomes a lifestyle and not an afterthought. They are your personal coach to get you out of debt and manage your income efficiently.

The Benefits of having a personal financial Assistant

Achieving your goals

Your budget planner will sit with you and advise you what is safe to spend each month, or what you need to allocate each month in order to meet your goals in the predetermine time frame that was set. You can set your own financial goals, whether you want to finally clear your credit card, loan or buy a house.

Ensuring your tax obligation is met.

Two often persons are not aware of what their tax obligations are until a letter arrive from the tax authorities, showing millions owing due to penalties and interest. Your personal financial assistant will ensure you do not fall into this trap. They ensure you are aware of what your tax obligations are and that they are filed and paid on time.

No neglected bills or financial obligations.

Your financial assistant ensures that before you start spending, your liabilities and financial obligations are taken care of; as they are the main priorities. Not having to worry about such matters will improve your credit score and your credibility with suppliers and beneficiaries of your benevolence.

See exactly where you are spending?

With detail report of your spending pattern, you will have a clear picture of how, where and when you are spending your hard earned dollars. You will be in a better position to take action. You will be able to decide which area to reduce and which area needs to be increased. You will be able to accurately see which areas are you weakness in terms of spending and which areas need to be strengthened. This will have the effect of you being in a position to better organize your finances and help to reach your future monetary goal.

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