Jamaican small businesses are burning money by not outsourcing

Many small businesses, tend to hire a full-time staff to do their bookkeeping. For those who are not sure what is bookkeeping; it’s simple. Bookkeeping is just the act of recording all the business’ transactions. That is, all the payments and collection that the business does.
Some businesses are not in need of a full-time bookkeeper based on the nature of the business and the volume of transaction generated. The average salary of a bookkeeper in in Jamaica is 45,000 per month. This signifies that on a weekly basis the average small business is incurring 11,250.00 in avoidable expense.

The major question is; does the bookkeeper actual do 40 hours of work per week? Chances are the answer is a resolute NO! This simple means you are wasting the business limited resources. Outsourcing helps you to pay exactly for what you get. You can have all your bookkeeping function done (that is invoicing, recording payments, cash received, send payment reminder and collection calls)  all for the mere cost of $25,000.00 per month. That works out to be a yearly savings of $240,000.00.

Benefits of Outsourcing  the bookkeeper’s role
Allows more time to focus on growing the company.
No need to pay full-time staff for a part-time function.
Enable staff to eliminate distraction of handling the books and focus on their core function.
Flexibility enables you to scale back easier as no HR policy to consider.

Can your business continue to afford not outsourcing your bookkeeping?

Feel free to contact me at shawnakaymills@gmail.com

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