Jamaican small business paying full time salary for part time functions

I have seen it time and time again, where small businesses or individuals hire persons full-time to do something that requires less than four hours per day. In my eyes this does not make any sense at all. For example, I have seen small restaurants hire full time accountant. Now seriously, why would you need a full time account, maybe they process three invoices and process a maximum of ten bills (for the Jamaicans reading, I don’t mean $100.00 notes)  for the entire day.

In the age of technology wouldn’t it have been better to outsource this role? So let’s say you are contacted by a customer for a quote. You:

Pass on the message to your virtual accountant (this will take five minutes maximum of your time)

  1. The quote is done and emailed to the customer
  2. The accountant/administrative personnel follow-up
  3. This translate to one less thing for you to remember

This may seem a hard concept in Jamaica, but it is possible and more economical.

I currently work for a Canadian company that builds travel website. I am here in Jamaica and I am their accountant.

How does it work?

  1. The sales agents solicit clients.
  2. I am emailed the cost for the service along with the client’s info.
  3. I apply the charges to the credit card, input the information in the accounting system, email the client his/her receipt or invoice.
  4. Ensure I remind  clients of any outstanding and ensure it is collected.

The only headache my boss has is to develop growth strategies. Each week I send a report of the fees collected. At the end of the month I provide him with a income and expenditure statement.

Now the truth is they do not pay for “idle time” I am paid for the work done nothing more nothing less.

In Jamaica it is a challenge for small businesses to stay afloat. It therefore becomes prudent to outsource some of your administrative/accounting function where applicable. This allows you to increase your cash flow and divert it to areas that are critical in growing the business.

Are you tired of paying full-time workers for part-time jobs? Feel free to contact me shawnakaymills@gmail.com

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