You are your business – Business 101


Although legally your business is a separate entity  from the owner, in reality this a myth. You are your business whether its a small sole trader or it is a corporation. Nowhere is this more evident than in America. In this country if the citizens disagree with what a director/owner of a company stands for they boycott purchasing from the company.

You may wonder what is the point of me mentioning this. The point is, you have to ensure as a business person whatever image you portray matches the image you would like the public to have of your company.

Do your honour your debts?

Do you treat people fairly?

Do you respect the environment?

Do you operate in an ethical manner?

Would your actions tarnish the company in anyway?

These things are taken for granted, but as people evolve and have more choices they are speaking clearly and loudly with their wallets.

Don’t let their speech hurt your pocket.

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