Personalized Service

What is the Personalized Service?

The personalized Service is a service that matches you with your own financial assistant who helps you to set budgets and keep them. They ensure your financial obligations are honoured in a timely manner. They ensure your liabilities are reduced, you save on a consistent basis and that you meet your financial goals.

Your finances are organized and monitor to ensure that you do not overspend to create equilibrium among your earnings, investing and spending . This results in investing and savings becoming a lifestyle, not an afterthought.

They are your personal coach to get you out of debt and manage your income efficiently.

How does the service work?

  • You contact us for a free consultation.
  • Once we identify your goals target will be set
  • A budget is made which you will have access to at all
  • All your bills will be forwarded to us via email.
  • Twice monthly  we call to go through finances.
  • We text you to get quick info when needed
  • Assessment is done at the end of the month comparing your actual spending to your budget. Adjustment is made accordingly.
  • We don’t make you work.

Tips to make the service work

  • Open separate account.
  • Use your card so we can monitor expenses automatically.
  • We’ll do everything electronically.

How do we protect your privacy?

First and foremost a confidentiality agreement will be signed. Only one person will have access to your banking information and that will be the manager. At no time will your information  be passed to a third party. Your information will never be access on a public computer or saved on any device. We only do online transactions.